Biomed: From the Student's Perspective (Book)

The purpose of this book is to give the reader a general idea of ​​what the Biomedical, "Clinical Engineering" or "Healthcare Technology Management" field is about.  It is directed to Electronics / Biomedical students or anybody interested in the field in very easy to understand terms, with more than a hundred illustrations.

It helps the students to become familiar with the healthcare environment, the repair and maintenance of Medical Equipment, and explains how important the Biomed Department is in every health care facility. It is an excellent tool for Biomed / Electronics teachers too.

$ 29.95. ISBN # 978-1-61539-663-4


Biomedica: Desde la Perspectiva del Estudiante

Spanish Version of  "Biomed: From the Student's Perspective".

Esta publicación es única en su clase.
Está escrita en español y especialmente dirigida a los estudiantes que están interesados en la Tecnología Biomédica, conocida también como "Ingenieria Clinica" o "Electromedicina".

Está redactada de manera sencilla, para dar una idea general al estudiante sobre qué se encontrará en el mundo del trabajo, si desea convertirse en Técnico Biomédico. Más de 100 ilustraciones ayudarán al estudiante a identificar y reconocer distintos equipos biomédicos en Hospitales, para familiarizarse con la reparación y mantenimiento de los mismos, además de explicar la importancia del departamento de Biomédica en todas las instituciones hospitalarias. Es un excelente complemento para cualquier maestro de Ingeniería Biomédica.

$29.95. ISBN # 978-0-615-24158-6

Biomed Associations

Your local Biomed/HTM Association is one of the best resources to meet other technicians and students in the field.  Many of them have monthly meetings where you can attend to learn about new technologies, and some even offer yearly Symposiums where they offer technical training.

Check the link below from AAMI.Org to find out if there is an Association in your area.

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What is a Biomed Technician?

"Biomed Technicians" or "BMETs" are the technicians who repair, calibrate and maintain all kinds of medical devices, from infusion pumps to Surgical Equipment and Digital Imaging devices. It is a job with a lot of responsibility, as patient's lives depend on these devices working properly.

The Biomedical Field is also known as "Clinical Engineering", "Biomed" and most recently, as "HTM" (Healthcare Technology Management).

What kind of education do I need to become a Biomed Technician?

Normally you'll need at least technical training in a specialized technical college ("Junior College") or Biomed training through the Military.  Many technicians start by taking a basic course in electronics, and then specializing in medical equipment repair. Also, many Universities offer Associate Degrees and / or Bachelor's Degrees in Biomedical Engineering Technology. To be an effective BMET, Physiology classes are needed in order to understand how the medical devices interact with the human body.

Do you have to become Certified in order to work as a BMET?

Certification is not mandatory, but getting certified as a CBET (Certified Biomedical Equipment Technician) opens many doors in the field. Visit the AAMI website for more details.

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Our publications cover all the details about what the Biomedical Field entails.

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