Our Story

The idea of creating this website started when the author, Carlos Villafañe, noticed that there was a lack of publications in Spanish for Electronics and Biomedical Engineering when he was a student in Puerto Rico in the 1990's.

Carlos created the website "Techniciansfriend.com" in 1998 to help electronics students and technicians to share information, find parts and for technical support for consumer electronics repairs.

After working for many years in the consumer electronics field and then moving to the biomed field, Carlos created "Biomedtechnicians.com" in 2008 to provide the same kind of help to biomed students.  The same year he published the book "Biomédica: Desde la Perspectiva del Estudiante".  As there wasn't any entry-level publication like this, the book had a very good acceptance by students.

In 2009, Carlos published the English translation of the book: "Biomed: From the Student's Perspective".  It has helped many students to continue their studies in Biomedical Engineering and other people even changed their careers to enter into this fascinating field.

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